Tuesday, 19 May 2015

EVALUATION - Explanation and Treatments for schizophrenia

Evaluation of Explanations and Treatments for schizophrenia:

  • The biological treatments and explanations provide strong support for the nature debate. The behavioural approach supports the nurture side of the debate. Use this to draw comparisons. You can also question how each approach doesn't consider how they both work together to influence schizophrenia. 
  • Cognitive therapies take more of an individual approach as it addresses the individual’s cognitive errors and irrational thinking. Whereas the behavioural approach takes a situational perspective. You can use this to evaluate the usefulness of the explanations and treatments. 
  • All approaches are reductionist in the sense that they only consider one theory. In addition, they don’t consider how many approaches can work together and influence behaviour together. Cognitive approach is more holistic as it does consider behavioural and cognitive approaches e.g. CBT. 
  • Biological treatments address the symptoms rather than the causes; therefore you can question the effectiveness. However, even though CBT tries to address the root cause, it is biological treatments that have the best effects in the long term. 
  • Behavioural treatments are far too simplistic for a complex disorder such as schizophrenia. The long-term effects are questionable i.e. realistically, would they have long lasting effects if positive reinforcement has stopped after leaving the institution. 
  • CBT and positive reinforcement requires trained professionals = more expensive. Biological medicine is works fast and is cost effective. However, many drugs for schizophrenia have nasty side effects. Many people on medication relapse e.g. come of the medication because they feel better, and then have to go back on it when psychosis reappears. 
  • Behavioural explanation kind of assumes that schizophrenia is a choice and can be unlearned. This could be a very unproductive approach if it is has a greater biological cause. 
  • High use of independent measures design in treatments and control groups to help establish cause and effect. 
  • High use of review articles in explanations of schizophrenia, good because it increases the breadth of research, bad because it takes away the depth of research. 
  • High use of longitudinal research in treatments of schizophrenia, good because it can highlight the effectiveness of treatment in the long-term, bad because it may not be effective outside the time frame that they are assessed. 


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