Friday, 15 May 2015

AFTER A GUILTY VERDICT - Evaluation points


·         Ethics: S - Prisoners give consent to participate. W – Potentially serious consequences for those prisoners assigned to control groups or those excluded.

·    Freewill and determinism: How much choice does a person have about becoming a criminal? Can we justify punishment? Therefore are alternatives plausible?

·    Situational versus individual: S – looking at individual characteristics of criminal behaviour may lead to better treatments. W – Are people victims of circumstance or are people born bad?

·    Effectiveness of treatments: S&W- look at reduction in aggressive/anti-social behaviour, time/cost effectiveness, as well as recidivism, does it work for long-term or short-term sentenced offenders? W - Just because it works for some people, does this mean it is effective?

·    Ethnocentric: W – Prison research is based on European or American systems, samples may not represent all ethnic groups. S – Could be generalised if applied carefully.

·    Social desirability/demand characteristics: W - offenders may lie on psychometric tests and self-report in order to get an early release. S – Quick and easy data collection. Protection of researchers.   

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