Tuesday, 19 May 2015

STRESS - Evaluation points

Causes of stress:

  • Can the same stressors be applied to everyone?
  • Research favour situational causes of stress, but the treatments tend to be dispositional, so this could be a good issue to look into.                                                                                       
  • Usefulness and application of causes of stress. 
Measures of Stress:

  • Low construct validity in that it's hard to define stress and thus hard to know when you're measuring it, as well as face validity because the measures of stress can be affected by lying, memory, and demand characteristics. Also, different people experience stress differently so using only one measure on participants may not be a valid approach.
  • Reliability issues, different people experience stress differently; measures are unlikely to give consistent results if used again in similar situations. 
  • Reductionism, measures which are only self-report (e.g. SRRS) or only physiological (e.g. heart rate monitor) are reductionist and don't look at many features of stress response or the dynamic between them, whilst combined measures are holistic and thus more useful.

Managing Stress:

  • Consider which types of management of stress focus on symptoms or causes of stress, and the usefulness of this.  
  • Consider the cost and time effectiveness, long-term/short-term effects. 
  • Ethics, Geer and Maisel, put participants on waiting lists rather than giving them therapy. 

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