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This is a really useful tool if you are struggling to remember what studies fall into what topic. Each letter stands for the name of a study in that specified topic. For example FAF stands for Farrington, Akers and Faffchamps. 


Turning to crime:

Upbringing = FAF
Cognitive = PY 
Biological = BRD  

Reaching a verdict:

Persuading a jury = PPL
Witness appeal = CPR
Reaching a verdict = NAH 

After a guilty verdict:

Imprisonment = DGZ
Alternatives to imprisonment = MES
Treatment programmes = WIC 

This is a story to help you remember the order of the acronyms. I highly recommend learning in this way. After all Pennington and Hastie did prove that we remember things a lot more when told like a story!! 

There was a girl FAFfing around with a GYPsy BRD. 

The girl fell, and PPL gathered round, screaming 'give her CPR'. But they were like 'NAH'!

Randomly, some DGZ walked passed and did a MES near her WICked hair :/


Healthy living:

Theories of health belief = BRB 
Methods of health promotion = DJC 
Adherence to medical regimes = BLW - Because you blow into a fun-haler (Watt)!


Causes and Measures of Stress = JKG 
Managing stress = BMW   

There are 2 systems that are used to categorise mental health disorders:
DSM = Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 
ICD = International Classification of Diseases

Characteristics – 
SPADE = Rhymes with afraid e.g. anxiety disorder, 
FFLIRT = When you FLIRT and get rejected you feel depressed, DDDSNHS = Schizophrenia 
Explanations = GLM 
Treatments = SKP 

Another exciting story for you all :)
A young boy shouted 'BRB, I'm just going to see DJC and his new song BLW!

The boy laughed as he was JKG and actually wanted to drive his BMW.

On his drive he saw a girl with DDDSNHS carrying a SPADE. He started to FLIRT with her. 

But he got rejected and felt GLM

So to cheer himself up he went for a SKP

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