Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Past and Future Questions Healthy Living

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Healthy living
Theories of health belief 
Becker: Health belief model

Rotter: Locus of Control

Bandura: Self-efficacy
a)      June 2010: Describe self-efficacy as a theory of health belief [10]
b)      June 2010: Discuss the theoretical approaches to beliefs about health [15]
c)      June 2012: Describe the Health Belief Model [10]
d)      June 2012: To what extent is there freewill in relation to the health belief model [15]
e)      June 2013: Describe locus of control with reference to health behaviours [10]
f)       June 2013: To what extent are theories of health belief reductionist [15]

Methods of health promotion
Dannenberg: Legislation

Cowpe: Media campaigns

Janis and Feshbach:
Fear arousal
a)      June 2011: Describe one piece of research into media campaigning as a method of health promotion [10]
b)      June 2011: Discuss the ecological validity of research into the methods of health promotion [15]
c)      Jan 2011: How can fear arousal be used as a method of health promotion
d)      Jan 2011: Assess the effectiveness of methods of health promotion [15]
e)      Jan 2013: How has legislation been used as a method of health promotion [10]
f)       Jan 2013: To what extent is research into methods of health promotion limited [15]
g)      June 2014: How can media campaigns be used to promote healthy behaviour [10]
h)      June 2014: Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of research into methods of health promotion [15]
Adherence to medical regimes
Bulpitt: Reasons for non-adherence

Lustman: Measuring non-adherence

Watt: Improving non-adherence
a)      Jan 2010: Describe one way to measure non-adherence to medical advice [10]
b)      Jan 2010: Assess the reliability of research into non-adherence to medical advice [15]
c)      Jan 2012: Explain why people may not adhere to medical regimes [10]
d)      Jan 2012: Discuss the difficulties of researching adherence to medical regimes [15]
e)      June 2013: How could adherence to medical regimes be improved? [10]
f)       June 2013: Discuss the usefulness of research into adherence to medical regimes [15]

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