Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Past and Future questions Stress

Study / example
Exam Questions
Causes of stress
Johansson: Work

Geers and Maisel: Lack of control

Kanner: Hassles
a)      Jan 2010: Describe one piece of research which considers work as a source of stress [10]
b)      Jan 2010: Discuss problems of conducting research into the causes of stress [15]
c)      June 2011: Outline one piece of evidence which suggests that stress can be caused by hassles and/or life events [10].
d)      June 2011: Evaluate the reliability of methods of measuring stress [15]
e)      June 2014: Outline how work can be a source of stress [10]
f)       June 2014: Evaluate the use of quantitative data when researching causes of stress [15]
g)      Outline how a lack of control can lead to stress [10]

Measures of stress
Johansson: Combined approach 

Geers and Maisel: Biological

Kanner: Hassles
a)      June 2010: Describe one physiological measure of stress [10]
b)      June 2010: Assess the validity of different methods of measuring stress [15]
c)      June 2012: Describe self-report as a method of measuring stress [10]
d)      June 2012:Compare different measures of stress [15]
Managing stress
Waxler-Morrison: Social support

Meichenbuam: SIT – CBT

Budzynski: Biofeedback
a)      Jan 2010: Outline a cognitive technique for managing stress [10]
b)      Jan 2010: Compare techniques for managing stress [15]
c)      Jan 2011: Discuss whether stress would be managed by treating the individual or their situation [15]
d)      Jan 2012: Outline the social approach to managing stress [10]

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