Wednesday, 20 April 2016

To what extent can diagnosis to dysfunctional behaviour be ethnocentric [15]

Points to consider in your essay:
  1. High focus on mental health issues within western cultures - Stigmatised - seen as more important in western cultures. 
  2. Ethnocentric because it is reflective of what most people in a particular place and time do - Ethnocentric and lacks historical validity. 
  3. DSM is specific for certain cultures so not as ethnocentric when applied to that specific culture.
  4. Dysfunctional behaviour - one definition of it is a failure to function adequately - least ethnocentric as this will vary accordingly to each culture in a similar way. 
  5. Trying to generalise to other cultures - ethnocentric - but only applying to studied culture less ethnocentric. 
  6. If research into dysfunctional behaviour has diverse sample - less ethnocentric.
  7. Cultural definitions of health compared to objective definitions of health.